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Do the members of your organisation represent it with polish, confidence and credibility? Do they have the professional people skills needed to gain the competitive advantage and build a stronger rapport with clients and customers? Top companies should have people who can handle themselves flawlessly both in client interactions and while representing your company brand. Weak conversational skills, poor customer service, dressing inappropriately, poor body language or inept communication skills will damage the organisation’s brand and reputation.

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Get ready to play in our team, level up your personal branding and supercharge your people skills.

See what the Public Image africa is all about and how we can help you. Our #1 goal is to help you be more successful at work and networking.

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Personal Branding Training Programme

Get ready to play in our lab, level up your relationships and supercharge your people skills.

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Learn Cocktail etiquette

Mastering the art of fine dining and using the tools of the table as the tools of business.
Dine with a continental flair together with the the art of entertaining and being entertained.
Also learn posture and poise at the table.

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Public Image Services at a Glance


Excude confidence, create a powerful aura,  the art and science of impression management,  developing a winning attitude and Create a powerful verbal introduction.


The ability to put a point across in an interesting and informative way is essential. In today’s competitive business world those who can communicate with authority and confidence have a great advantage over their peers. This one day workshop will give delegates the information they need to prepare and deliver a motivating, stimulating, exciting presentation.


Deportment, The elegant way to walk into a room, The correct handshake, Standing and sitting with composure and style, Projecting a positive & lasting image


This course will enable participants to present themselves and their organisations with refinement and sophistication. They will also learn vital management and customer service skills.

Derek Bbanga

Public Image Africa CEO

Derek discovered a knack for being ‘on show’ in front of people early on in life while performing in plays at the age of seven. It is this ability that led him to setting up Public Image in Kenya together with his partners to teach soft skills, people skills, communication skills and how to portray a good professional image. He is an experienced trainer and speaker and has worked with everyone from senior executives and managers to students, womens groups and even security staff. Over the past two years Derek has worked with hundreds of people in different sectors including banking, telecoms and the hospitality industry.

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