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December 2014


The Festive Season is upon us and plans on how to spend the holidays are under way some have been since January.

Our aim in this issue is to help you answer the question: ‘What do I pack?’ Whether it is for a trip to the Beautiful beaches of Coastal Kenya or to the vast plains of the various National Parks in Africa, or better yet, a trip to your In-laws and Family these are a few ideas on what you can wear.

The Maxi dress or skirt is the most versatile item a lady should have in her closet. It is that ‘go to’ piece that is appropriate for all occasions including; weddings, Church, Lunch with the family or friends, a date just to mention a few.

It is also very comfortable making it ideal for travelling whether by air or by road. This item is hence recommended for the trip to the beach, luxury hotel, visit to the In-laws (the decency it adds doesn’t hurt) and various other destinations save for Safaris.

The equivalent of this for the men is a good pair of jeans (In dark colors) or Khaki pants. They are comfortable and can go with almost anything in your closet.

Hence it is appropriate for travelling whether by air or road and is recommended for the trip to a luxury hotel, In-laws/Family visit, On Safari and various other destinations save for the Beach. This is because, should you take a walk in the ocean and get them wet, they will get heavy and tiresome to walk in. (See below for appropriate outfits for the beach)


FOR THE LADIES: Comfort is key! Anita above of 'From Curves With Love' ( wore this outfit to a Safari Walk in Nairobi. The top is light and free and so are the straight jeans’ paired with flat shoes creates the perfect Safari outfit.

Khaki pants/shorts paired with a khaki top is also another fantastic outfit idea for a Safari trip aka a trip to the wild. As for shoes, closed ones are always the best to go; be it sneakers, loafers, brogues etc.

Most Safaris are Game drives and not walks so you don’t need to think of Safari boots and all those heavy duty clothes.  

FOR THE GENTLEMEN: Being comfortable is also important for you. Travelling by road and on tough terrain could prove terrible if you are not agreeably dressed.

Jeans, Khaki pants/shorts are always a good choice. Pair that with linen/cotton /khaki shirts and if you like, a half coat to give you that ‘wild at heart’ look. A hat would also be a good idea as well as a pair of sunglasses.


Materials that are light and airy are the best for the beach.

FOR THE LADIES: A short chiffon dress with colourful prints is the best choice. It is Fun and flirty and will not weigh you down if it gets wet. Throw on a pair of sandals and a sun hat and or sunglasses if you like and you are all set!

FOR THE GENTLEMEN: A pair of khaki shorts is the best option. It is less likely to get drenched as compared to pants and is very comfortable. Pair with a light material T-shirt, Polo or casual shirt. Finish the outfit off with a pair of sandals.


You can pretty much wear anything depending on the weather. There is only one criteria to use whilst considering what to wear for this; DECENCY! BE DECENT!


Throw on a dressy African shirt over a pair of dress pants, jeans (dark colors), Khaki pants and dress or smart casual shoes of your choice.  You may add a fedora hat or flat cap that matches the outfit and Voila! You are all set!

Derek Bbanga engaged in conversation at the recent Tana River County Assembly Training.

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In this month's newsletter we give you tips and ideas on what to wear this festive season.

We hope that you find this issue useful as you prepare to pack for your holiday trip.

We would like you to also share your thoughts.


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  • If you are staying at a beach hotel be sure to carry a formal outfit, for many of them require that you are at least smart casual in the dining area. You can opt for linen pants and a casual shirt with loafers.
  • Other options for the ladies: A chiffon or satin maxi dress or A-Line skirt. If you are daring and confident you can go for shorts or hot pants and a long light material top.
  • Other options for the gentlemen: Linen shorts/pants and for shoes:


  • Male shoes:
  • For the ladies: Khaki shorts can work for you too paired with sleeveless or sleeve linen/chiffon/cotton shirts
  • Carry a coat or two for the chilly nights and early mornings.
  • You may opt to carry a pair of sunglasses or a hat
  • Pick colors that have toned down hues because Game drives are bound to get dusty and bright colors get dirty faster.
  • Ladies, have a sling bag that is light enough to carry effortlessly as well as large enough to carry your essentials.
  • If you are traveling over Christmas period, most hotels will have special events on Christmas night such as dinner, bonfire and cocktail parties. It is therefore a good idea to carry a 'dressy' outfit such as a lovely black dress or maxi skirt for the ladies and dress pants and formal shirt for the gentlemen.
  • Carry loads of sunscreen; the sun can be unforgiving to the skin, the last thing you want is painful sun burns come the New Year therefore load up on protection.
  • Most hotels will provide cleaning essentials in the rooms save for toothpaste therefore to be safe carry your own.


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