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Good Grooming and Image - Why should it matter?

We can all create an image that we want others to see and good grooming goes to the heart of this. And by grooming here I am referring to the whole package of dress, style, social graces and body language. A well groomed person should transmit confidence, competence, reassurance and responsibility; the minute you walk into a room the effect on the people you meet should be immediate in a positive way. The way someone dresses, speaks, the way they walk, even the way they eat all helps to build a picture of a person. There has to be some correlation between the outside picture and the personality, character and knowledge of the person we’re dealing with and one can be well groomed on the outside but be a complete rogue, but make no mistake about it, consciously or subconsciously we are judging people based on first impressions of which grooming is a large percentage. You are not conning people but you are packaging yourself as you want others to see you.

Your image should ideally mirror your personality as much as possible, maybe not a complete drastic change, but for most of us, perhaps just some fine-tuning. It means thinking about yourself and your image, it means taking time when you dress every morning or how your carry yourself, how you behave in all situations whether in public transportation or at a fancy restaurant. I use the example of the Chilean miners who on the eve of their rescue, requested grooming products such as hair gel, shampoo and even shoe polish. In addition to wanting to look the best for their families, they were sufficiently savvy about the image they were portraying to a world-wide audience and the importance of first impressions. What does your grooming say about you when you step out of your own capsule every day into the world?

Recent studies have shown that a good image counts when it comes to getting higher salaries. When we meet someone and are judging them for the first time we will judge amoung other things their credibility, personal attractiveness, likeability and confidence. You’ll score high on all these counts if you are well groomed. Good grooming can help you improve your chances of getting a job, earning a promotion or enabling you to make an impression on the social scene or just gaining confidence. A poor first impression is that much more difficult to overcome. I always say you never know whom you’ll meet who’ll change your life – be it at the airport, in church or standing in line at the bank and you never want to be caught off guard and not at your best.

Public Image training in December


About Public Image


Public Image has a unique approach to building individual and corporate achievement. Business etiquette, creating a positive image though posture and dress, soft skills, communication proficiency, personal branding and networking expertise are key elements in the Public Image approach to developing professional skills.

Projecting a positive image for business will give you an edge in today's competitive market


Personal Branding for 2011

How do you become more marketable so people will want to hire you, do business with you, and promote you? Apart from being knowledgeable in your field here are some personal branding questions you should ask yourself and take an honest assessment.

  • How would your clients describe you?
  • When was the last time you took stock - seriously? Does your wardrobe and how you use it reflect trust, congruency and responsibility?
  • When was the last time you changed your personal style and image?
  • What about your deportment? Does the way you behave and conduct yourself reflect the importance of your profession and company or who you are now?
  • You may dress the part but do you act the part? Do you fidget? Do you have any nervous habits you are unaware of?
  • Do you have good manners and etiquette or do they need a tune up?  

Public Image is hitting the ground running in 2011 with several clients already lined up for training as companies realize the importance of investing in their staff in the area of soft skills. Organizations Public Image will be working with in January include SIFE Kenya and Strathmore University.

Next month, I’ll be sharing a stage with experts Kitty Sani from Singapore and Michelle McKinney Hammond from the U.S in a Personal Branding Conference on 24th and 25th February at the Panari Hotel. See the attached pdf document for more information and to sign up.


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