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March 2014


Networking refers to the art of creating a group of acquaintances and associates with diverse backgrounds, and keeping it active through regular communication for mutual social and economic benefit.

Five-star networking is networking at its best; it creates a network that is diverse and well cultivated. It is characterised by a number of factors:

  • Five-star networking is practised with finesse and grace. It is a mark of a dignified gentleman and lady.
  • It always guarantees benefits regardless of the setting or person practising it.
  • It is enjoyable. Contrary to popular belief networking can be very enjoyable, continue reading to find out how.

What does five-star Networking boil down to? Building real relationships, actively maintaining them, and giving as much as you take.

Research indicates that successful managers spend 70 percent more time networking than their less successful counterparts. Learn how to network and be guaranteed exponential growth and eventually success in whatever you endeavour to do.

Benefits of five-star Networking

Embracing networking as a lifelong skill and not something you do when you want something, is one of the surest ways to succeed in both your social and professional life. Five-star networking ensures you are successful regardless of industry or economic situation it achieves this through the following core benefits;

1. Source of information
In the 21st Century it is said that the most valuable resource is information. A five-star network will ensure that you are in the know on developments on the various industries represented. This information will range from employment opportunities, current trends and anticipated changes. The great thing about this information is that it is hassle free since you do not have to research it; it is firsthand since it is received from experts in the area and timely and hence making it more valuable than any other source of information.

2. Making New Friends
Through effective networking you will be able to interact better with people and find people with the same focus as you and become friends. Due to time constraints it has become increasingly difficult to cultivate lasting relationships with friends; however Five-star networking encourages the nurturing of new and already existing relationships through constant interaction and communication.

3. Source of Income
Once you have established strong bonds within your five-star network it will come much easier to propose projects or ideas to your networks for you to take up together. Your network will be a constant source of referrals for business and thus sustaining your income. However, as a Golden rule to five-star networking, never ask for anything before establishing a strong bond with the contact.

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Five-star Networking tips

Five-star networking is concept that is learnt over time, it cannot be learnt overnight, it takes persistence to put yourself out there as an interesting prospect that people would want to network with. However we will share with you a few golden tips that can considerably improve your networking skills when put into practice:

  1. Enjoy yourself: Most people dread attending networking events since they are required to network. This should however not be the case; people are looking forward to meet someone like you, so why not give them the opportunity to do so.When networking quit thinking of closing the deal but focus on having a good time and meeting a handful of exciting new people that you would like to be your friends. This is guaranteed to take the load off networking for you and turn it into an enjoyable activity. Smile and offer a warm handshake this assures the other person that they will enjoy conversing with you.
  2. Be Prepared: If you want to get the best return on time and money invested to network always go in prepared. Prepare what you are going to wear to make sure you look fantastic and stand out, ensure you have your business cards handy, practise your introduction and research on who you expected to be at the event to better your chances of deeply interacting with your audience. It also always helps to be updated on current affairs.
  3. Listen: The secret to Five-star networking is listening and not talking. It is said that we were given one mouth and two ears so that we can talk less and listen more; after all we already know what we anticipate to say. The best networkers are those who ask the best questions, questions that make their audience open up to them. Asking questions makes sure that you gain more information about your prospect for easier follow up and it also makes you seem more interested in the prospect. Listen your way to a five-star network.
  4. Follow-up:  Your network won't do you any good if it's full of lots of people who you don't know very well; cultivating both the depth and width of your network is extremely important. Cultivating your network width refers to having a diverse network which can be achieved through networking on varied platforms while networking depth refers to knowledge


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"Your Network determines your Net worth”
Donald Trump

"Networking is not just about you connecting with people. It's about connecting people to people, people to ideas and people to opportunities”  
Michele Jennae

"five-star networking is all about cultivating a relationship rather than going for the deal, it is more farming than hunting"