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April/May 2014


Assertiveness is the quality of being self-assured, confident and positive. It is being able to be firm and express your views and opinions openly, while at the same time minding others’ feelings and opinions as well.


Assertiveness just like any other skill can be learnt over time when practised. Here are some quick tips to help you instantly improve your assertiveness:

  • Start small; with partners, family members and friends
  • Have good posture and eye contact.
  • Express your feelings and needs.
  • Rehearse what you want to say to build confidence.
  • Practice saying 'no'
  • Address the issue itself and stop once it's been corrected
  • Let go of guilt.

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify and manage one’s emotions and those of others. It is also knowing your type of personality and those of the people around you, and how to relate with them given their personality type.

Personality Types

In order for us to become emotional intelligent it is vital that we understand the different types of personalities so as to know how to relate with people with these traits.

1. Sanguine

They are creative, adventurous and risk takers, sociable, optimistic, carefree and pleasure-seeking.
They however procrastinate in completing tasks and reaching deadlines, unconventional, forgetful and late.

How to better relate with them;

  • Identify their need to socialize and create such environments for them.
  • Offer assistance when they have taken on areas of responsibility rather than interfering.
  • Recognize and appreciate their achievements.

2. Melancholic

These are people who are loyal, respectful, focused, calm, cautious, introverted and self-confident.

They are also liable to depression and moodiness. They like routine and are predictable. They are also suspicious.

How to better relate with a Melancholic

  • Accept them as introverts and do not pressurize them to be out going or social.
  • Help them focus on positive and good things other than negative ones to help lessen their depression
  • Help them build their self-esteem by always acknowledging their efforts and showing them love and sincerity.

3. Choleric

They are goal-oriented, analytical and logical, good planners, leaders, talk less but act more and ambitious.

They are also skeptical, egoistic, detached from their and others feelings, always like to be in charge, pragmatic and (too) hostile.

How to better relate with a Choleric;

  • Recognize and respect their efforts and capabilities.
  • Learn the art of negotiation to avoid being dominated by them
  • Keep emotional outburst at a minimal as they are quick to anger and hostile.

4. Phlegmatic

Phlegmatics are caring, tolerant, reasonable, trusting, calm and consistent and are interested in cooperation and interpersonal harmony.

They are easily annoyed and bored, can be dramatic and can appear clumsy, lazy and not self-motivated.

How to better relate with a Phlegmatic;

  • Understand their unwillingness to initiate things instead of becoming angry or hostile
  • Share in their decisions and be willing to accept part of the responsibility for the consequences
  • Help them accept change with care, instead of putting them down

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In this month’s newsletter we take an in-depth look at assertiveness and the different personality traits.

We hope that you become better more assertive in your relationships and that by learning the different personality types you are able to improve your relationships based on the tips given.

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