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Your Vocal Image

The voice is our most important instrument of communication and it is vital we use it well as it accounts for 38 percent of the impression you make on other people. Communicating with authority and confidence has a great advantage. It is a great way to advance your career as it gives you the opportunity to be seen and heard whether it is by clients, peers or management.  A good voice enhances your professional stature.

Are you one of those when you talk always have others asking, “What?” or ask you to repeat yourself? Nothing screams confidence (literally) like a strong, clear voice that isn’t afraid of being heard. Your voice doesn’t necessarily have to resound like Obama addressing a crowd, but you should talk in a volume that can move easily across a room, and in a clear tone that everyone can understand. It is not surprising how many people have a problem with low volume, mumbling, or being monotone and unfortunately it’s not an area people pay attention to or make an effort to fix. It doesn’t matter what you say if people can’t hear you! Weak voices can give the impression of fear or anxiety – death blows when it comes to portraying a confident image. Good communication is vital for success in any field.

Derek Bbanga
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Public Image has a unique approach to building individual and corporate achievement. Business etiquette, creating a positive image though posture and dress, soft skills, communication proficiency and  networking expertise are key elements in the Public Image approach to developing professional skills.

The majority of people decide whether they'll do business with someone within seconds of the initial meeting. First impressions count and impacts your bottom line.

Projecting a positive image for business will give you and your staff an edge in today's competitive market


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