Assertiveness and Emotional Intelligence Training

Course Objectives:

The course seeks to assist the participants achieve the following objectives when adequately covered:

  • Understand emotional intelligence and why it is important to personal and professional success.
  • Recognize principles of EI you can use to increase your level of emotional intelligence.
  • Learn how to communicate assertively
  • Listen to and employ your emotions for better decision making.
  • Understand feelings and emotions and how they affect behaviour
  • Use your energy and enthusiasm to motivate others.


Training Content:

  1. The emotional intelligence concept and why it is important
  1. The principles of emotional intelligence
  2. The habits of emotionally intelligent people
  3. Behaviour and emotional intelligence
  4. The importance of self-knowledge and self-awareness
  5. Understanding feelings and emotions, and how it affects behaviour
  6. Methods and techniques to enhance self-awareness
  7. The impact of emotional intelligence on life and work
  8. Assessing own emotional intelligence skills

Most of the session modules will include practical sessions and role plays that are recorded and reviewed.



The training takes 2 full days