Business and Social Etiquette Training

Course Objectives:

The course seeks to assist the participants achieve the following objectives when adequately covered:

  • Recognize the importance of etiquette
  • Understand the principles of etiquette
  • Be able to engage with people respectfully
  • Learn essential executive Dining etiquette
  • Be able to interact responsibly on social media platforms
  • Gaining credibility with people you relate with
  • Creating a lasting personal brand with people around us


Training Content:


  1. Image Management: Creating a Professional Image
  2. Email Etiquette
  3. Mobile phone etiquette
  4. Telephone Etiquette: Using the telephone for business
  5. Social media etiquette
  6. General Office etiquette
  7. Managing meetings
  8. Dining etiquette, eating and drinking at cocktails and business meals

Most of the session modules will include practical sessions and role plays that are recorded and reviewed.


The training takes 2 full days