Personal Branding Training Programme

Course Objectives:

The course seeks to achieve the following objectives when adequately covered:

  • Understand the principles of personal branding
  • Understanding the relationship between Personal branding and success
  • Establish a personal brand while networking and interacting in business
  • Be able to Develop a personal Branding strategy
  • Assist participants develop a professional presence / Deportment
  • Boost confidence levels
  • Create awareness of the standardized way of doing business
  • Enhance Professional performance

Training Content:

  1. Image Management: Creating a Professional Image
  2. Networking skills: how to network with attitude and build relationships
  3. Deportment and body language: Developing professional body language
  4. Image & Dress: Creating a look for a Professional Image
  5. Managing Meetings
  6. Communication Skills

Most of the session modules will include practical sessions and role plays that are recorded and reviewed.



The training takes 2 full days