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How You Can Win in Every Aspect of your life, using Emotional Intelligence.

A few weeks ago, one of the biggest sports in the United States, the National Football League, took place. The winners who were the Los Angeles Rams used a simple rule of psychology, a lesson in Emotional Intelligence, to win the super bowl. According to one of Rams’ oldest players, Andrew Whitworth, it was all about having energy and positivity and belief that no matter what happens on one snap, the next snap was going to be the best one they had. Their mentality and attitude helped them win the game.
Emotional Intelligence is all about being able to perceive, control and evaluate emotions. Once you are able to do this, then it is easy to have a positive attitude, show empathy and improve communication . These skills are vital in determining success in work and in life.

In our daily interaction with different people, our capacity to understand our emotions, being aware of them and how they impact the way we behave and relate to others, improves our ‘people’ skills and ultimately helps us in being more satisfied and successful. There are ways you can improve your Emotional Intelligence, in order to ensure improved relationships in your circles, work and lives. Here’s how;

  1. Become more self- aware.

The ability to understand our emotions and the impact they have on other people is key in knowing your weaknesses and triggers. Understanding one’s emotions and feelings allows you to be in control of them and manage them regardless of the situation.

Emotional Intelligence Survey Report
This EI survey report presents the results of a survey that reflects how well individuals demonstrate certain skills and behaviors in the workplace.

We are currently running an Emotional Intelligence webinar series called ‘Languishing to Flourishing’. Please get in touch with us to inquire about our webinar series & EI training services and for a copy of the EI Survey.

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Are you an Empathetic Leader?

Empathy is not the most common attribute you find in a workplace. As leaders, it is easier to focus on results, goals achieved and not achieved, the next big project, etc., rather than focusing on employees’/members’ feelings and emotions. The truth is, emotions are inevitable. As human beings, we are driven by emotions, whether good or bad. It is always about what someone made you feel. So, as a leader, how are you making your team members or employees feel? Might there be something you did or said that demotivated your team members?

It is easy to overlook the impact empathetic leadership has on members, results generated and the entire organization as a whole. Empathy when used in leadership fosters trust, loyalty, cohesion and better business decisions.

Empathetic leadership is all about having genuine interest & understanding of team members’ emotions, with the intention of making them feel safe, heard and cared for. So, what should you do to demonstrate empathy as a leader?

  1. Be a better listener

Being a great listener is a great way of connecting with your team members. It is important for your presence to be felt by those communicating with you. Therefore, being an active listener is vital, and it includes paying attention, understanding the emotions behind the words, body language and cues used.

  1. Make employees feel valued.

After taking the time to listen to your members, you should then think of ways to help address any situation as well as fulfilling their needs to create a dynamic that works for them within the team. An empathetic leader models compassion and self-compassion and encourages it in their team members.

Leading With Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence is an underrated skill in work places. It’s importance and impact is tremendous and every corporate should make this investment when it comes to their leaders.

Our training on EI ensures that participants learn how to improve self-awareness and be more intentional in working with others, as well as enhance their awareness of others and empathy, to help them become more behaviorally agile in their leadership approach.⠀

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