Panellist: David Mogere

Managing Director, Excel Marketing Consultancy
  1. 1. What does Emotional Intelligence mean to you?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is your ability to identify your emotions, understand the impact of those emotions and manage them intelligently.  EQ includes your ability to understand the emotions of others, understand the impact of those emotions on your relationships and then self-correct.

In contrast to EQ there is IQ – your intellectual capacity.  IQ measures your cognitive abilities, including your ability to analyze, perceive, memorize, use logic and use reasoning effectively.

Compared with “regular” intelligence, Emotional intelligence is

  • Understanding that our actions are determined by our emotions and feelings, and by our thoughts and beliefs
  • Understanding how this works
  • Understanding that this applies to everyone else, too, and
  • Acting accordingly.

Q 2. Surely, Emotional Intelligence is like a personality – whatever type you are, that’s who you are?

Whatever your personality type, you can change and develop other aspects of your personality. All it takes is determination, effort and time. With all the information at our disposal, you have all the necessary tools, guidelines and well-known personalities to emulate and support of expert trainers.

It’s up to you. Once you fine tune your personality to your own liking, you’re in better shape to take an active role in leadership.  With more self-confidence in your newly acquired social skills, your associates are more likely to look to you for direction and motivation.