Public Image Services

People are your greatest resource and the focus on people skills and social skills is just as important as their technical and academic qualifications. Your ability to influence others is largely based on their first impression of you as well as the quality of your soft skills to deliver power, persuasiveness, and credibility. We are masters at bringing out your very best. We also offer independent assessment of customer service, call handling and sales skills through the implementation of a First impressions audit programme.

The core areas of training include:

  1. Personal Branding and Image Management
  2. Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  3. Assertiveness and Emotional Intelligence
  4. Media and Interview Skills
  5. Business and Social Etiquette
  6. Selling Skills and Sales Skills
  7. Customer Relations and Customer Care Management
  8. Corporate Fitness, Wellness and Nutrition
  9. Leadership and Supervisory Skills

Personal Branding and Image Management

Creating a Professional Image: Deportment, The elegant way to walk into a room, The correct handshake, Standing and sitting with composure and style, Projecting a positive & lasting image. Exude confidence, create a powerful aura,  the art and science of impression management,  developing a winning attitude and Create a powerful verbal introduction.

Public Speaking and Presentation

The ability to put a point across in an interesting and informative way is essential. In today’s competitive business world those who can communicate with authority and confidence have a great advantage over their peers. This one day workshop will give delegates the information they need to prepare and deliver a motivating, stimulating, exciting presentation.

Business Etiquette

Business skills and front-office essentials: This course will enable participants to present themselves and their organisations with refinement and sophistication. They will also learn vital management and customer service skills.



how to portray a professional image through body language

Image & Dress

creating a look for a professional image


persuasive communication skills


how to network with attitude and build relationships

Dining and Cocktail Etiquette

We also cover dining and cocktail etiquette


“There are some unwritten rules that define the corporate world, the professional world, the business world and social arena. People are quick to judge others on their image, style, body language and ability to communicate.”

We run 1/2 day, 1-day and 2-day courses for corporates, the hospitality industry, schools and colleges.